Summer Activities
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Hello again Year 5
As we have got two days of term left before the summer holidays, I am going to provide you with some activities that you can choose from over these last two days. 
These activities will also be available to you over the summer holidays, should you wish to practise any particular areas of learning.
Obviously,spending time with your families is really important, as is getting plenty of rest to recharge before September. These suggestions are there just in case you want to use them.
Have a brilliant summer and be ready for Year 6 in September 🙂
Mrs Bennett
If you choose just one activity to do over the summer, then reading would be top of my list. Read as much as you can. It doesn’t have to be books: comics, magazines, instructions and websites all count as well. 
The Summer Reading Challenge is running as usual; you can sign up at The website also includes games and activities, as well as book recommendations. Some libraries are starting to re-open but you can still borrow e-books from Norfolk Library
Sumdog is available for you to use throughout the summer. It is a great way to practise your maths and to improve your speed and accuracy. I have set a challenge for the first week and there may be other challenges across the summer.
Times Tables Rock Stars
TTRS is also available for you to use at any time. Practising your times tables regularly will help with your speed and fluency. Times tables are used in many areas of maths , so becoming more confident with them will be really helpful.
Premier League Primary Stars
Premier League Primary Stars have set a challenge which runs throughout the summer. There is a daily activity to complete, many of which are for the whole family.
The link to their website page is From here, you can download a link to the challenge poster which then links you to the different activities. There is also a certificate if you complete them all!
If you want to keep practising spellings, there is an interactive game here You can choose which year group words you want to practise (although you are going to be in year 6, it is still important to practise words from previous year groups as well so don’t just ignore those ones!)