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Thursday 16th January 2020

Today we had a very exciting visit from Adrian Hall, a real life Arctic explorer! He came in to talk to us about his visits to the Arctic and the things he saw. This linked in really well to our learning all about the Arctic this half term.

Adrian told us lots about his visits, including:

the clothing he needed (and the time he forgot to take his nine year old daughters coat with him on a days adventure – oops!), the equipment he needed, the different countries and towns he has visited, how you get there (including two days on the train, and a full day on a tiny, bumpy boat), the animals he has seen, including musk ox, Arctic foxes, lemmings, snowy owls, little auks, murres, narwhals, seals, walruses, and of course LOTS of polar bears! interesting stories about the time his doggy companion ran away so that he didn’t have to carry the equipment and didn’t turn up again until two whole days later, the bumpy snowmobile rides pulled by the dogs and the time they scared a polar bear who was looking for food in a hut and he ran straight through the wall leaving a big polar bear sized hole in the wall!

We then had a map reading skills session with Adrian. In the classroom he talked to the children about how to read the different symbols on the maps.

We then went outside and practiced how to work out how far 10m is by counting our steps. He then set up a copy of a drawn map on the playground using ropes and the children had to pretend to be the different islands: Turtle Bay, Crab Beach, Coconut Hill, Parrot Point and Monkey Jungle. They then had to use the compass points North, South, East and West to direct him to the different islands to collect the treasure.

We then used simple maps of our outdoor area at school to locate different flags around the playground and allotment area.

The children really enjoyed the visit and all of the activities and it has enriched our learning of the Arctic in so many different ways. We would like to thank Adrian for making the sessions so fun and interactive.