Seas and Oceans

As part of our Seas and Oceans learning, we researched different seas and created information leaflets about them.

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Volcano Display

Here is is our volcano display, celebrating lots of hard work. There are diary entries of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD, pictures of our drama, research about volcanoes and…

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Neolithic Day at Gressenhall

On Wednesday 2nd October Zebras headed back to the Neolithic Times or the New Stone Age.  The sun shone and we had a fantastic day finding out how Neolithic people…

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Transition Week Activities

Hello and welcome to your transition week activities. There is an activity for you to complete each day.  Email your work to me on: Don't forget to check out…

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Macaws Home Learning

Hello Macaws, Here is your final piece of Home Learning plus some things that you can do to keep you 'ticking over' during the summer holiday. I hope you have…

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Summer 2

History_of_flight In_my_great_big_dream_I_..... Maths_22_June Maths_Summer_1st_June.docx Maths_Summer_6_July.docx Maths_Summer_8th_June.docx Maths_Summer_15th_June.docx Maths_Summer_29th_June.docx NE_SSP_-_Virtual_Activities_2nd_June_2020 Once_Upon_a_Time_by_Benjamin_Zephaniah Other_Subjects_1_June_2020.docx Other_Subjects_6_July_2020 Other_Subjects_8th_June_2020.docx Other_Subjects_15_th_June_2020 Other_Subjects_22_June_2020 Other_Subjects_29th_June_2020.docx RE_and_PSHE Spellings_1st_June.docx Spellings_8th_June.docx Spellings_15th_June_2020 Summer 2 home learning Summer_Reading_Challenge -Thomas-Edison-Powerpoint-Presentation_ver_4 Treat_Everyone_Well_Anti-Racism T-T-5539-Under-The-Sea-Food-Chain-Sorting-Activity t-t-252863-under-the-sea-food-chains-powerpoint We_Are_All_Different_Assembly_Powerpoint_Presentation…

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Summer 1

English__Week_beginnng_30th_March.docx English_18th_May.docx English_Summer_11th_May_2020.docx English_Summer_week_1_20th_April_2020.docx English_Summer_week_2_27th_April_2020.docx English_Summer_week_3_4th_May_2020.docx -hieroglyphics-powerpoint- Home learning March onwards How_to_Do_Raised_Salt_Painting how_to_make_a_shaduf instruction_rules_plain_and_simple instructions_shaduf_word_mat Lesson_Presentation_Amount_of_Nutrition Lesson_Presentation_Types_of_Nutrition LIGHTHOUSE-KEEPER-Inverted-Commas Little_Plumstead_Primary_School_Calculations_Policy_ Maths_Summer_11th_May Maths_Summer_18th_May.docx Maths_Summer_week_1_20th_April_2020.docx Maths_Summer_week_2_27th_April_2020.docx Maths_Summer_week_3_4th_May_2020.docx Maths_Week_beginnng_30th_March_pdf.docx More_Homophones My_Best_Friend_Poem.docx NNS_Block_4__Wk_5__Lesson_14_15 Other_Subjects_18th_May.docx Other_Subjects_Week_beginnng_4th_May_2020…

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Home Learning

Hello Macaws, This is your Home Learning area of the school website.  I will put up activities and suggestions for daily maths and English work plus weekly activities for other…

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