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During Anti-Bullying Week, we used an apple to demonstrate how unkind words and actions can have an impact on someone on the inside, even if they’re not showing it on the outside. We had two apples. One was treated unkindly and had unkind things said to it whilst the other was looked after, treated well and had kind and polite things said to it. Both apples looked the same on the outside but when we cut them open we could see that one was bruised, hurt and sad looking whilst the other was fresh, bright and healthy looking. We can now think about the apples when we hear or see kind and unkind behaviour and our poster helps us remember STOP!

When thinking about how we can look after everybody, we shared the story Have You Filled a Bucket Today? This is a great book about making others, as well as yourself, feel good. Perhaps you can find it in the library and share it with your family?