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We have been learning about the Hindi Festival of Light, Diwali. On Thursday, we celebrated our Diwali day with a visit from a Hindu lady who told us all about her celebrations. We made rangoli patterns, decorated footprints, learnt about Hindu God’s being prayed to in temples, tasted sweet treats, wore our special clothes, learnt about Hindu Gods having the head of an animal and the body of a human, learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and enjoyed talking about the similarities between Diwali and Christian celebrations.


When eating sweet treats during our Diwali day, some children said the following:

“I have special food at Christmas. I have lots of chocolate.”

“I have a special cake on my birthday and I share it with my family.”

“I have special treats at my party.”


A pupil told me about Diwali and said:

“It is a celebration to celebrate the evil king dying. It is to celebrate the New Year. They put lots of candles out, 100. They pray to their God and their Gods are all different animals but their body is still human. The different animals are for different things. Working hard at school is the rat and the elephant is for good luck.


When decorating a footprint, a pupil said:

“we can stick it by the door. They put footprints by their door to show them the way so they can bring them good luck.”