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Welcome to the current Red Panda’s Home Learning Page for the summer term. I hope you had a good half-term and are all keeping safe.
This page will be the new place to pick up learning and will continue in the same format as before.
Remember our priority is for you stay happy and healthy both physically and mentally, so these activities will be a way of giving some structure for your days at home.
I am always available via the email address if you have any questions or want to share your work with us. You can also share any resources you come across that others might find fun or interesting and I will add them to the page.
A suggested timetable would be to start your day with something physical (I’ll admit I haven’t braved the Joe Wicks workouts yet!), then complete any English/Maths activities before lunchtime. Then dip into the other subject tasks over the course of the afternoon.
Remember to keep up with your reading, and if you can keep up with the Y5/6 spelling list attached below. The activities across the week will contain a mix of spelling, writing, reading and grammar.
I will attach each week as a pdf with the date so you can keep a tab on what’s been posted online.
Remember to get any times table practice you can – it’s always useful!
This will follow the same format as English – the week’s activities will be uploaded as a pdf and spaced out for each day. Our calculation policy is included below so you can see what we teach in school. If this leads to more questions, then fire away!
Other Activities
This is where I will list tasks for the other subjects in the same format as English and Maths.