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Hello everyone, hope you are all coping ok. It’s been great hearing from some of you and seeing your work. I will try and upload a video or two this week just to say hello!
Just a reminder that above all else, your health and mental well-being is more important than your work at this stage. Obviously it might help you all of you with a bit of structure and focus, so don’t do all of these things at once.
I hope you’re able to get out and about or do something active each day as well.
The email address to contact me is year5@littleplumstead.norfolk.sch.uk
It would be great to see some photos of your work as we go along.

Day 1

Write 150 – 250 words about your favourite thing. This could be a topic like football or baking, or be really specific. Do NOT treat it like a story though – we are aiming for a non-fiction (factual) style of writing. You can find examples here.

Day 2

Try the activity below about relative clauses.

Day 3

Spelling – You are more than welcome to continue with the list I’ve already provided.

However, if you would like a specific focus, then investigate the spelling of ‘ough’. It’s a very interesting string of letters that comes up in lots of different words! See how many you can find.

Day 4

After two weeks of being at home, what are the 5 things you miss most about your classroom? What are the 5 things you miss most about the school day?

Even the most stubborn of you can find 5 things…when I’m back in school I’d like to share these with the staff – we all miss the sound of you echoing round the corridors for example!



I’ve been sent this brilliant link for practicing Maths against the clock at differing levels. I would recommend doing some of this every day.


Day 1

This is one that requires a bit of patience and a bit of careful thinking. Don’t be put off by the problem at first!


Day 2-3


Whilst I think it would be most sensible to focus on the addition and subtraction ones to start with,

there are 6 different activities here that can stretch your Maths and may take a couple of days to get your head around!

Day 4

One of my favourite Maths games that practices a Year 5 skill (needs some dice):



More from the British Science Museum this week. They have a whole booklet of ‘Kitchen-based Science’ which you can look through. I’m aware resources are fairly short in supply, so please look through carefully before you choose one. However, there is an excellent one that just needs a glass of water and gives you an excuse to get outside and test it…




One of the areas of Geography we have to look at is the impact of physical features on human geography. In school we would be looking at why many of the world’s towns and cities are built around rivers.

This week, come up with a list of the top 10 reasons why rivers are important to humans. Some reasons (like transport) can be split into more than one reason. Feel free to extend this to more than ten.

I’ve uploaded a challenge I’ve found online that most of you should be able to join in with – It involves taking a series of photos around the house. I wouldn’t expect all of these to be completed in a week but it will keep you thinking and being creative into the Easter Holidays!
We would normally be checking up on the children’s knowledge of the Easter story. Please read through this page to refresh your knowledge!
This week I’d like you to watch the music video for the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.
Not only should this bring your spirits up a bit, I’d also like you to try and find the pulse and the beat of the track.
Clap along…