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Home learning week 3

Morning Black Panthers.  I hope you all had a lovely Easter and found time to relax and try something new during the break.  I was in school last week for the children of key workers and during a nature trail we spotted; 2 red-legged partridges, 2 pheasants (male and female), orange-tip butterfly, tortoiseshell butterfly, peacock butterfly, cabbage white butterfly, crows, pigeons, magpies, robins, blue tits, great tits, spiders and beetles.  Have you spotted any wildlife during lockdown?

Have a go at the maths challenge below.  There is lots of great new stuff on the BBC bitesize website today if you run out of things to do.

BBC Maths Challenge

Try the “Multiplication and Division Mosaic”, challenge 1, pages 2 & 3.

You will need the sheet and colouring pens.

Good Luck!

There is so much to see outside.  Use this scavenger hunt to help you identify as many things as you can see.


Try these SPAG questions to remind yourselves of key skills we were looking at.  I have included the mark scheme for you to check and mark your answers afterwards.  Good luck!


Children go on a school trip to Les Calanques, Marseille, and explore flora and fauna.  There is a description of Les Calanques and its special features in English. Children read a poster stating rules while in the area and then go with a teacher to investigate plants and sealife. They also take time to stand and listen.

Watch this clip and see how much you can understand.

Decorate these animals using the Trencadis technique.  Cut out pieces of paper in different shapes, colours and sizes and glueto the drawing.

Watch the video on the link and read the information about animal classification.  How much did you already know?  Can you classify as many animals as possible using the classification system described?


Complete “Mystery Times Tables” and “My favourite number” challenges (pages 3 & 4) of Year 6 Maths Games and Activities.


Try the activity below (you can use the mark scheme to check and mark your answers.  Good luck!

I’ve attached the link to BBC Bitesize Daily lessons for you to try if you haven’t already had a look.  There are some excellent lessons to follow here.  Enjoy!

I have attached the Powerpoint presentation below which should help with tenses, in case anyone hasn’t tried the SPAG work yet, or found it tricky.  I hope it helps.

Maths Talk for Wednesday – answers here tomorrow for you to check.

Have a look at the tenses Powerpoint presentation please.  There is a quiz on slides 15, 16, 17 which would be really useful to try.  Don’t worry if this takes a while – spread the work out over the next few days.  Feel free to make notes if that helps – I know there will be some of you who do that!  There are also so great posters which I’ll attach here that you can refer back to or even print out if you’ve got a printer and haven’t run out of ink?! Enjoy & good luck.


Answers for yesterday.

Thursday Maths Talk.

Thursday Maths Talk

Use this photo to provide a stimulus for a piece of writing.  It can be any genre you choose……

Answers for Thursday.

Try this tenses PowerPoint quiz.

The answers will show as green when you do the quiz.

Good luck!

There are various questions to try here but feel free to pick just one or two (as many as you fancy, really.)


Answers for checking and marking.