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Dear Parents and Carers


I am mindful that you are and always have been your child’s primary educator.  This home learning page is for me to offer suggestions should you wish to use them.  I realise that this is an extremely unusual situation which is causing anxiety for many.  I will be updating the home learning page daily.  In the event of an urgent query there is an email address assigned to our class;


I wish you all well in the coming weeks and I will be thinking of you all.


Dear Black Panthers


I hope you’re all staying safe and enjoying your time at home.  Here’s some work to keep you occupied if you haven’t already chosen things to do yourselves. I will make sure there is new work here every day to keep you busy! Remember to talk to someone if you are worried about anything.


I’m already looking forward to seeing you again before too long. Until then, stay safe and positive.


Mrs Gillings.

Maths Talk

Try these questions, you don’t have to do them all at once-it’s up to you!  I’ll put the answers on tomorrow.


Look at the Powerpoint presentation and choose a set of questions to answer from the selection below. (You don’t need to print the pages out unless you want to-save the planet!)

Animal Adaptations to Extreme Environments Higher Ability Activity Sheet

Animal Adaptations to Extreme Environments Middle Ability Activity Sheet

Animal Adaptations to Extreme Environments Lower Ability Activity Sheet

Have a go at this fronted adverbial activity.  You don’t need to print the page out unless you want to-save the planet!  (We’ve looked at this grammar topic in class and the sheets explain what you need to do.) uNMdIfQHDs

Watch this clip (I know you’ll like it!) about Farley and his friends.  See if you can master how to say ‘I am hungry’, ‘I would like…’ and other important phrases.


What does ‘bonne sante’ mean?

What does ‘quelque chose a manger’ mean?

Try to mimic their accents.

“J’ai faim…”

Listen to this piece of music by Camille Saint Saens called ‘Carnival of the Animals’.  While you listen why not try to sketch what you are imagining?

How does this music make you feel, and why?

Watch and listen to Saint Saens ‘Carnival of the Animals’ (Le Carnaval des Animaux)

PROJECT:  Find out as much as you can about the French composer Camille Saint Saens.  Have a go at drawing a portrait of him to accompany your findings.

Camille Saint Saens

Easter egg colouring.

Click on the link to find out all about Mapping the World with Sue Venir (ha, ha!)  Have fun!

Mapping the World with Sue Venir.

Operation Ouch with Dr Chris and Dr Xan.

This is a great watch.  As you all know I’m a big fan of Steve Backshall.  Watch Steve, Chris Packham and Liz Bonnin explore our oceans and its wildlife , to find out how marine life is coping in the face of increasing environmental pressure.  Enjoy!

Blue Planet Live.

You all really enjoyed planning a healthy eating weekend meal schedule and costing it, so I thought you might enjoy the challenge of planning your own birthday party.  Use the planning sheets to help you or if you’d prefer, just stick to a budget of £30 and plan it yourself using the internet and shopping websites.  Alternatively, give yourself a bigger budget and go wild!  Happy planning.


Here are the answers to yesterday’s maths talk.


Have a look at the Sumdog website if you haven’t already-there are lots of great maths challenges for you to have a go at.

See below for another Maths Talk task.

Have a go at writing either; a story, a poem or a dialogue which includes this beautiful old tree from our orienteering adventure earlier this month.

Felbrigg Tree.

Work for Wednesday 25th March.  Bon courage!

Maths Talk answers

Some times tables questions for you to try.

Times tables 1

Read through the activity below and see if you can spot the adverbial.  There are instructions, a note for parents and the answers are at the bottom for when you have finished-no cheating!


Here are the answers for yesterday and the Maths Talk for today. Good luck!


Answers to Wednesday’s Maths Talk.


Thursday Week 1 Maths Talk.

Try this reading activity.  The answers are below for you to check when you have completed it.



Answers for Thursday