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Hey all.

Hope you enjoyed a week away from home learning for half term last week. I managed to go to a very quiet beach and enjoy some pebble collecting, which I have turned into an Andy Goldsworthy style piece of art. I also had many a long walk with my dog and have definitely caught the sun. One thing I have begun to realise though is just how long my hair has got and how I can’t wait for the barbers to be open again.

So as this half term marks the start of some children returning to school we have decided to try and make things easier by linking up the activities and learning from here online with the work being done in school. As such there is a theme of the sea and oceans and so all of the activities I have selected this week continue this idea. The friend’ship’ idea is something the children in my purple bubble are going to be doing so I definitely recommend this one.

Lastly thanks to Blake for sending me my first email about the work you have all been doing at home. Amongst the photos of activities are also some pictures of his fabulous LEGO helicopter he constructed. Please remember to continue to contact me if I can help further or if you have anything you want to share.

Stay strong and keep positive,

Mr Whitehead

Acience activity

Try to make a raft out of some small sticks and see if you can get it to float. How can you bind the sticks together?



Wow what a difference the weather makes! Hope you have enjoyed some sunshine this weekend and managed to find some fun in nature on a walk or with your families. I’ve continued to really enjoy the finding of new places to walk and so has my dog. Hopefully this is something I can look to continue with as the lockdown changes back to a new normal.

I was thinking of including some of the activities the purple bubble I’m teaching will do from now on so this week as well as another science and mindfulness activity I have added a link to the YouTube tutorial that we will watch in our bubble here potrait tutorial. After watching it we will attempt to follow it and draw ourselves as a self-portrait. We will use an iPad to take a picture of ourselves to do it with and then print them out but if you don’t have a printer you could use the device by looking in the camera roll. At a later date we also plan to do a second portrait of someone who we admire. This could be a family member, or someone from the wider world. It could be a sporting figure, a politician, an actor or musician. In fact it can be whoever you choose but try and select somebody you admire and select them because you could share why you admire them. This second activity links to the mini topic of challenging perceptions that we are doing in school. So if you would like to do more in relation to it then look at the year three or four pages where you will also be able to try some of the many maths activities or any other area of learning.

Hope you have a fun, creative, mind expanding week and I look forward to my phone call catch ups,

Mr Whitehead.

Another week gone and as the lockdown continues I hope you guys and those in your worlds are getting out and about more? I know from the conversations with some of you last week that you are and if you haven’t yet please remember to as despite the pressures of the last few months the time spent outdoors has been so hugely important to our wellbeing. To continue this I wanted to share an excellent couple of mindfulness activities this week and also let you know about the continuation of portrait drawing we are doing in the purple bubble. Attached should be the gratitude bubbles and the breathing techniques you can try.

To compliment the challenging perceptions topic we will be looking to do a portrait drawing of someone we admire this week. As I shared last week this could be an actor, musician, sports star or someone closer to home like a member of your family or someone in your community (don’t all feel you have to draw me!). Once we have done this we are going to look at who we choose and share why. We are going to talk about who other people from other bubbles at school, different parts of the country or from around the world might have chosen if it was them asked to do the task. We will discuss how everyone will have chosen someone they know and how important it is to share the brilliant stories of amazing feats and success of all the different people from around the world in order for us all to have a better understanding of the fellow humans we share the planet Earth with.

I would love to see some of these pictures so please remember to email them to me.

Take care and speak during the week,

Mr Whitehead.



So July is almost upon us.

How have the last six months since the hub begun gone so quickly?

I guess the way it was meant to be at this point was very different but each of us has still made some big strides during these months, regardless of where we are. I continue to be proud of what I hear and see from you all, something that will happen into next school year and beyond, wherever you may be. One of my favourite Hub memories has been the STEM activities we challenged ourselves with and this week’s update contains a link to the STEM website where you can learn more and challenge yourself at home. If you visit this site you should be able to find something that intrigues you

This links in with our whole school mini topic of inventors, take a look at the year group pages for more learning and maybe challenge yourself to come up with the best invention idea. Take a look around your home or imagine what would have most helped you there during these past few months. Maybe someday you will build what your imagination creates.


Finally don’t forget to try and be mindful as often as you can, ten minutes a day really makes a difference and doing it in whatever way suits you is best. Maybe looking at the weekly art project and trying that will allow you to be mindful as the activity takes you outside and to sketch something from nature, which knowing the artists out there should sound appealing.

Have a lovely week and I hope to speak to you all soon.

Mr Whitehead.

Hello Hubonians,

With the end of the strangest of school years reaching its end thoughts about new adventures have begun. These include what you may be doing next year. As is to be expected with different people, this means different things. For some this means saying goodbye to us at Little Plumstead and others it means beginning the New Year with us still. All of us have something in common though, that of a new beginning from September.

As such I was hoping you could share a list of things you are most looking forward to next year and equally a list of the things you have learnt from our hub time together that can hold you in good stead as you beginning your next adventure.

As I ring and see you all this week I will be encouraging this in our conversations but hopefully prior to then you can begin to decide what you are thinking. I will also continue to ask if there is anything you need from me so do think if there is what it might look like and remember to send anything you’re doing with your home learning to me at the hub email address. It really makes me smile when it has happened.

Until then enjoy another fine week,

Mr Whitehead