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Another week done!

My Troll art is continuing to come together well, what do you think?

Hope you are all continuing to find imaginative ways to keep going, from what I hear from you all during our weekly chats you are all enjoying many fantastic ways of learning about life. Remember the class pages for years 3/4 will have all the academic learning activities you will need and if you have any problems with them to let me know. The hub email address is hub@littleplumstead.norfolk.sch.uk.

The Hub activities are all about encouraging the freedom and creativity that each child has and so if you have done things that are not the same but similar remember to share them with me, if you email me with some of the fun you’ve had I could share it through here and you might inspire a friend.

As ever the photos this week are of a range of activities such as art, science, mindfulness and even knot tieing.

Hope you find them fun,

Mr Whitehead