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How do Hubbites?

See if you can create a fun tic tiktok style video out of this activity

Can you think of your own make do emergency explorer idea?


Here is an art project I have begun at home



So as ever I have uploaded some photographs of some activities you might like to do alongside the academic work set by your year group teacher. These are mostly outdoor activities and I have selected them as the recent news about being allowed out more than once is a great step back to being able to see you all in school again soon.

I have also included an art project (Trolls of course!) that I have been doing. This has taken me most of the lockdown to do as I have really focused on not rushing it, after all I have the time. It is coming along nicely and I feel really proud of it. I hope you are managing to do something that makes you feel proud? If so send it to me so I can smile at your achievements too.

Remember, always here on email if needed.

Stay safe and speak soon,

Mr W.