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Hello all.

Firstly, having had good phone call contact with you all over these weeks I am aware that for some there have been challenges, including ICT problems, with regards the home learning. Well remember what I said right at the start. Keep it fun! Also. Remember to keep me posted if you are unsure on how to do something or you need to ask about something that’s been set. The hub email is Your class pages have a great selection of learning in subjects like English and Maths, take a look and get involved!

In addition to these things I thought you might enjoy another HUB style challenge.


The challenge this week is to see if you can create something that might be interesting to a visitor at a Maker’s Fair. There is no limit to this so whatever way you decide to be creative, be it art, LEGO, nature, or machine it is up to you.

To help with what I mean take a look at this web page and watch the attached video in it.

Once you have decided on what you would make for a Maker’s Fair then plan it, build it and review it.

I would love to have some pictures, drawing or reviews of how you have got on with whatever you decide to make. I could even share some of the ideas with your friends via the website.

So get creative, get making and get involved.

Hopefully see you all soon,

Mr W.