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Hello Year 1!
Mrs Gillings and I are really excited about teaching you all next year.
To help us to get to know you all a little bit better before the transition sessions next week, it would be lovely if you could complete these activities.
Email photos of your completed activities to us at:
If you would like to do other learning activities as well this week, please use the resources from Oak Academy or BBC Bitesize.
Mrs Holmes and Mrs Gillings
Activity 1
Complete one of the attached profile pages to tell us a little bit more about yourself and how you learn. We have attached it as both a PDF and Word document which can either be printed or completed on a laptop. Alternatively, use the template as a guide and design your own profile page.
Activity 2
Write about your favourite book. Why have you chosen this book? What is it that you like about it? Do you like other similar books?
Activity 3
Write two questions that you would like to ask Mrs Gillings at our transition session next week.
Activity 4
Create a design that tells us about you: your likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests and so on. You can design this in any way that you like.
Activity 5
Tell us about you in numbers. See the example that I have created about me.
Activity 6 – Virtual Sports Day
See the details attached below. Complete sporting activities and earn points for your house! Email photos either to me and Mrs Gillings or to Mr Parkhouse.
We are really looking forward to seeing your completed activities and to finding out more about you all. Have fun!
Mrs Holmes and Mrs Gillings
Hi Year 1
I can’t wait to see you all in September!  I hope to see lots of you for the transition sessions too.  I was so happy to be with Yellow bubble for a little while in June and get to know a few of you.  Enjoy these fun activities and see you soon!
Mrs Gillings.