Autumn 1 Class Information

Please click on the links below to see class information for Autumn Term 1:1 2021: YR-1 Autumn 1 Letter YR-1 Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview Rabbit Autumn 1 What to Remember

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Enjoying Year 4 Pop-up Books

Year 4 came down to our classroom and shared their fantastic pop-up books with us that they had made. We really enjoyed looking through their books and trying out all…

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Anti-Bullying Week

During Anti-Bullying Week, we used an apple to demonstrate how unkind words and actions can have an impact on someone on the inside, even if they're not showing it on…

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We have been learning about the Hindi Festival of Light, Diwali. On Thursday, we celebrated our Diwali day with a visit from a Hindu lady who told us all about…

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Police visit

On Monday, two Police officers came to see us! They brought a Police ranger and a boat to show us. We learnt all about the role of the Police and…

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Spike the Hedgehog came to visit

We had a visit from a hedgehog called Spike to enhance our learning about autumn. During Spike's visit, we learnt a bit about hibernation, how hedgehogs protect themselves, what they…

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Exploring water and ice

Snow Leopards have explored a variety of ice blocks with leaves and petals inside. We used tools such mini hammers and screwdrivers to find the petals inside. We felt like…

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